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day 12: pierce hawthorne love day

annieedisons asked: jeff winger or britta perry



Yvette’s father is ill, and requires daily care. Rather than continue to work and leave that to someone else, Yvette has decided to take on the caretaker role.

Yvette Nicole Brown The Odd Couple

Although I will miss her terribly, and believe the show will suffer from the loss of such a diverse character and skillful portrayal, I commend her actions in this respect.

It truly hurts to lose her character, not just because we’re losing yet another POC, but because as a mother of two boys, I appreciated that not all the characters on Community were 20-something single people involved in romantic drama. I liked that she had a family, went to school, and took no shit.

Shirley, Yvette, you will be missed.


Community never did have much of a fourth wall …